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photo of mike WittenbergMMS Event Management Inc. & parent company have been producing large capacity, high profile Conventions & Events for well over a decade. We've been featured on NBC, Huffington Post, TMZ,AM, FM, XM Sirius Radio, and many more. Our Events have attracted tens of thousands of attendees.

Michael Wittenberg has been producing conventions in various different industries for the last 15 years. After smoking a pack a day for 20 years, Mike found vaping and quit smoking. Vaping quickly became one of his main interests.

After attending a vape convention that went haywire, he immediately became very interested in the vaping industry and became determined to produce a vape event nobody would forget. Very shortly after deciding to produce a Northeast Vape Convention at Foxwoods, Giant Vapes quickly took the top spot of the show becoming the Presenting Sponsor.
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